Mar 30 2020

Attention all Family Pet Care Center Clients. Due to the unfortunate events of COVID-19 we will now be closed temporarily on the weekends until further notice. We will still be open on the week days Mon-Fri with are regular hours of 7-7. We will no longer be allowing public entrance to the hospital and ask when you arrive to call the facility to do a curbside check in. One of our assistants/technicians will come out to your vehicle and bring you and your pet in for your appointment once the doctor is ready to see your pet. If you are picking up food or medication we ask you also call for curbside assistance. You can pay over the phone and we will run out any purchased items to your vehicle. We kindly ask everyone to follow CDC recommendations for public health safety. If you show any symptoms, or have been exposed to another person with Coronavirus to please stay quarantined and ask a family member or friend to bring your pet in. Also taking in to consideration the virus can sit on the fur of your pet and be spread through contact. We are all going through this COVID-19 pandemic together. We are doing are best to not further spread COVID-19, yet still be here to help all our loving clients and pets. To care for our clients and their pets is our passion. To bring healthcare is our duty. To care for our community is our goal. All our clients and pets are family. Thank you for your understanding and we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

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We will be closed every 3rd Thursday of the month from 12pm-2pm for Staff Meetings. For Emergencies Please Call: SAGE - 408.343.7243 Pacific Vet - 831.476.0667 Santa Cruz Vet - 831.475.5400

Holiday Schedule

New Years Day-CLOSED
Independence Day-CLOSED
Memorial Day-CLOSED
Thanksgiving Day-CLOSED
Christmas Day-CLOSED